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The rise of AI in marketing and other trends for 2023

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Let's see what AI has in store for us this year and beyond. Together, we'll look at the benefits (and challenges) of AI tools in marketing

Welcome to the latest podcast episode, where we’re exploring the latest trends for 2023. Let’s see what AI has in store for us this year and beyond. Together, we’ll look at the benefits (and challenges) of AI tools in marketing.

Steph and Fab with high vibes as they put their bold prediction hats on. For example, expect discussion on zero click content, automations, AI in marketing and everything in between! Tune in now to find out what the world of content has in store for us this year, and what we can expect from content.

In this episode we’ll cover

  • Why kindness can help us build lasting connections
  • The highs and lows of the new AI craze in marketing
  • The power of stepping back from external validation

Exciting predictions from LinkedIn

We look at the new age of social media, including platforms like BeReal and WeAre8 – that give people eight minutes of scrolling time a day. Similarly, sites like Discord, Mastodon, Geneva, Substack and Patreon emphasise community building in private spaces.

A search for safe spaces and nostalgia for the internet of the early 2000s – when the word “algorithm” wasn’t part of everyone’s vocabulary.

It has fuelled interest in these more intimate digital environments, says Matt Navarra in the latest LinkedIn trends report. “People now know the risks and dangers of algorithms,” he says, “but they can’t really escape them through traditional social media platforms.”

“Anything depending on how we use the tool, that it will make a difference in the way that we actually implement it moving forward.”

fab giovanetti

The benefits (and threats) of AI in marketing

We talk about the implication of AI in art and how we can inspire younger generations to use powerful tools ethically and powerfully. And why education can help us with that.

The creators who will make waves are those that bring together both the power of AI AND their own idea-sparking superpowers. We look at the good, the bad and the ugly of AI, accordingly to marketers, creators and experts.

“There are so many things that make marketing more human and it all starts with the stories and human connection and the personal touches that we do within our strategy.”

fab giovanetti


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