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Amanda Baker on the power of telling your 5 stories

Storyteller Amanda Baker shares with us why 5 Stories can help with that. Experience the ripple effect stories have on others and ourselves

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Storyteller and Alt Marketing School teacher Amanda Baker shares with us why 5 Stories can help with that.

Entrepreneurs don’t start a business to build a brand. They start a business to build a product or service. Yet, people buy from people. People connect with stories. The point of creating a brand is to be something people want in their lives.

In fact, Fab and Amanda discuss why stories never truly end and how you can feel safe sharing our stories.

It’s not just enough to say, “this is what we do, this is why we’re better, and this is how we do it differently”. It’s not enough anymore, you gotta show the journey, you gotta take people on the journey with your business. – Amanda Baker

You’ll realise that your stories, values and beliefs act as the operating system for a brand’s existence. By the end of this episode, you’ll experience the ripple effect stories have on others and ourselves.

About Amanda Baker

Amanda is the founder and creator of the 5 Stories methodology and she’s OBSESSED with helping founders and their businesses tell stories that connect with people.
In 2012, she raised some money for her fashion startup and three years later, it failed to reach product market-fit because she was communicating the wrong story to the wrong people.

Over the years, she learned that A LOT of businesses struggle to tell their story in a clear, confident and creative way. Now, she’s on a mission to help the ones doing good in the world get the attention they deserve.

So far, Amanda’s worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them tell their story in 5 Stories. Her methodology is loved and trusted by London Business School, Google, Capital Enterprise, Bethnal Green Ventures and global startup communities.


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