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#091 – Instagram opens it Creator lab – what does it mean for you?

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The hats are back, baby! We look at Instagram’s Creator Lab, its new direction and strategy and its push to video and raw content

The hats are back, baby! We look at the new Instagram Creator Lab, its new direction and strategy and its push to video and raw content. Yes, we also compare Instagram’s future to Facebook’s ominous demise as people are becoming accustomed to platforms like TikTok, which celebrate a more raw, individualistic content style. In fact, the Insta aesthetic that once had us all hot and bothered is replaced by anti-aesthetic content.

Instagram Creator Lab

Instagram’s looking to help creators understand posting best practices and processes via a new Creator Lab initiative, which hosts videos and insights from a range of successful creators on critical elements. In fact, monetisation is a growing focus for Instagram, as it looks to combat the rise of TikTok. More to that point, Instagram will now allow all users to tag products in their IG posts, starting with users in the US. This update reflects its continued focus on expanding its eCommerce listings.

On top of that, Pinterest has launched the capacity to download your Idea Pins for sharing to other apps, complete with a Pinterest watermark. It could be worth experimenting with if you want to give your Pin presence a push.

Finally, we go back to Clubhouse. The app is testing out a new way to encourage more direct social interaction on the app, with a new ‘Wave Bar’ at the top of your screen, and we have strong thoughts about it.


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