Behind tl;dv’s Social Media Magic: The Power Of Short-Form Sketches

Looking for social media inspiration? Check out tl;dv - their funny short-form videos are a masterclass in engagement on Instagram and TikTok.

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If you are a social media manager, you absolutely cannot miss tl;dv on social media, especially on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

First of all, their short-form videos are incredibly funny.

Secondly, these videos are highly recognisable from the moment they appear on your screen. For most of us, once you see them, you’re completely hooked.

The wild success of their social strategy is precisely why I wanted to delve deeply into a full-on case study to understand how and why tl;dv has become so successful with their approach to social media.

tl;dv Brand Strategy Overview

Some people might actually be surprised to learn that tl;dv is fundamentally a software product designed as an AI meeting recorder.

This might not be immediately apparent from their video content, which often features in the sketches and narratives they create, but their marketing strategy is considerably broader and more engaging.

Focusing on Relatable Content

tl;dv excels at pinpointing relatable images and scenarios that resonate deeply with their target audience. This approach not only entertains but also strengthens viewer connection with the brand.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

They provide a glimpse behind the scenes, showing what it’s like to be a software company dedicated to creating the best AI meeting recorder. This transparency demystifies the process and humanises the brand.

By focusing on these two aspects in their content creation, tl;dv offers a unique and highly engaging strategy that easily hooks viewers.

Character-Driven Content

Creating sketch-like video content is often considered an art form, largely because it requires finding the right people within your company who can convincingly embody the characters. tl;dv strategy particularly focuses on one or two individuals who have become highly recognisable as the faces of the brand. Contrary to common belief, it’s not always the founder or designated social media or product managers who are front and center in these videos.

  • Broader Team Involvement: Harnessing the talents of a larger team can be powerful. It allows the selection of personnel who are not only apt for the role but are also comfortable and effective in front of the camera.
  • Necessity of Camera Presence: For this strategy to succeed, those involved must be open to being on camera. This can pose challenges for smaller, one-person teams who may find it difficult to delegate this responsibility.
  • Importance of Recognition and Association: Especially for smaller brands lacking the social clout of influencers like Steven Bartlett or Gary Vaynerchuk, character-driven content is crucial. It builds brand association, which is vital for gaining recognition and establishing trust with your audience.

Behind-the-Scenes Focus

Exploring behind-the-scenes content offers various approaches, and the strategy of building in public is a standout. This method not only enhances transparency but also revolutionises the way brands engage with their audience through video content.

Here are some key considerations for effectively incorporating behind-the-scenes elements:

  • Highlight Relatable Experiences: Identify common, relatable scenarios encountered during the development of a software product. Showcasing these can demystify the process and connect more deeply with your audience.
  • Crafting Relatable Sketches: When creating sketches, it’s crucial to understand your audience’s problems, needs, and triggers. Detailed knowledge of the buyer persona—encompassing motivations, psychographics, and behaviours—is essential. Speaking their language and addressing their main concerns through short-form videos can significantly enhance relatability and engagement.
  • Representing Company Culture: If you’re using behind-the-scenes content to reflect your company culture, it’s important to define the boundaries clearly. Decide how to portray your company’s values and possibly even insider jokes. This type of content is common among social media marketing agencies that showcase their daily interactions with clients or their strategic planning processes.

The Company Retreat Series

One of tl;dv most engaging campaigns was linked to a company retreat that featured a new approach to content creation.

The marketing manager from Canada, along with team members from around the globe, was brought together in a picturesque house to live and work together. You can see the whole “series” on TikTok as a pinned collection.

Heading home! We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled content for Monday ❤️ #worktrip #techstartup

♬ original sound – – AI Meeting Recorder

This set-up provided the perfect backdrop for a series of videos showcasing the day-to-day life of the company’s team. Adopting a vlogging style, the videos offered a ‘day in the life’ glimpse from a company perspective. This approach made the content feel personal and relatable, significantly upping. viewer engagement.

The series excelled in utilising user-generated content by encouraging viewers to ask questions and engage directly with the team.

Comments ranged from personal queries like “Who is the person you love working with the most?” to more humorous ones such as “Who would you like to throw in the pool?” and even discussions about the dark shade of blue of the company logo.

Implications for Marketers From the tl;dv Strategy

tl;dv’s approach to social media marketing offers several practical lessons that you can apply to your strategies. Here are some straightforward tips:

  • Use Character-Driven Content: Much like tl;dv has successfully used recognisable characters as the face of their brand, you can also identify or create figures within your team. These characters can help build your brand identity and strengthen connections with viewers, especially on visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
  • Show Behind-the-Scenes Content: tl;dv focus on showcasing the everyday operations and the human side of their business shows the value of transparency. You might consider revealing your own processes and company culture to humanise your brand and deepen connections with your audience.
  • Encourage Interactive Content: The success of tl;dv company retreat series, driven by user-generated content and interactive exchanges, underscores the benefits of engaging directly with your audience.
  • Try New Content Delivery Methods: Using non-traditional content formats like vlogging or real-time documentation can refresh your marketing approach. These strategies can hold an audience’s attention more effectively than standard promotional content.

Always Bring Ideas Back to You

If you find that this type of strategy or content would work really well for you, then consider this my invitation for you to explore any of these ideas for yourself.

Remember, when it comes to learning from case studies and other brands, always bring it back to what suits you best. What is your tone of voice? What do you want to embody? Who do you want to be, and how do you want to be perceived in your marketing? Not every strategy will work for everyone, and not every approach will be right for you.

But understanding what works for others can inspire you to test and experiment on your own. Also, this is as good an excuse as any to go and follow TL-DV on social media—they’re pretty funny.

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