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Make a positive impact online with Katy Murray

Learn directly from Katy how you can use the power of social media to reach your goals and build relationships.

Katy Murray is a dynamic leadership coach, inclusion facilitator, mastermind host, speaker and author of Change Makers a woman’s guide to stepping up without burning out. Learn directly from Katy how you can use the power of social media to reach your goals, build meaningful relationships and create real change in your life and business.

I am chief marketing officer for my coaching and consulting business (as well as being CEO, CFO, COO and IT helpdesk!)

When it comes to growth on Instagram, what would you attribute your follower count to?

Building friendship and connection in real life and continuing the chat on Instagram. Being listed as one to follow or watch at various points. Having opinions and responses to current events and hot issues.  Having consistent themes and topics to talk about and ensuring everyone links to that.  

Have you ever had a post go viral on Instagram? What was that experience like?

Yes, during the Black Lives Matter movement of summer 2020 I had several posts that went viral and my followers count 10xd. I could literally see the follower count numbers ticking up up up up up. It was a massive dopamine hit, really addictive, exciting, intoxicating and terrifying that it had all of that impact on me!

I ended up sleeping in a tent in my garden to step away from it all (it was also very hot weather that week to be fair). Since then my follower count has plateaued as I lose lots of followers every time I post! 

Is there a post or content that you’re particularly proud of?

I enjoy my walking tours and time-lapse behind the scenes that I share on Reels – they’re fun to create and demonstrate how I integrate my coaching tools like power practices to my action life.

My posts with the most engagement and traction tend to be opinion based or tips based pieces when I’m commenting on a current issue or political story about anti-racism. 

I had really great traction when I launched my book and had 6 online launch parties! I had a fab book squad who showed up for me daily on socials over that period, that would be my top tip.  

What’s your average screen time – we won’t judge, promise?

I don’t even know how to find that data out – that’s telling right?! I feel like I should know the answer to this! 

 What are your favourite apps for creating and editing your content — whether it’s videos or photos?

I use Planoly and now I’m tending to create straight into IG and LinkedIn and using the save function in Reels to create drafts that I go back to.  I know there’s many more apps and tools that would help me with social media content creation but I’m trying to keep my time there very lean and focused over these few months. 

Which brand do you look up to for inspiration? Whose work on social media do you love?

Shereen Daniels, Roianne Nedd, Janice Gassam Asare each do a great job on LinkedIn and I learn a lot from them. On Instagram there’s a lot of women solopreneurs that I love to follow and see what they’re up to and loving their creativity – it’s less about the slick nature or trickiness of the posting and more about keeping in touch and connected 

What’s one trend you love on social media? One you hate?

Yeh that whole dancing and pointing trend wasn’t great, I love dancing but I’m just not coordinated enough to be pointing in the right space for the right length of time – not for me!

Find out more about Katy on her website, or follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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