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Growing online sales and reach with social ads with Nick Edwards

We catch up with Nick Edwards from Feed to learn how you can use paid promotion on Instagram to grow online sales.As organic reach on Instagram has been decreasing consistently recently, why should we invest time and money on the platform? Nick Edwards from Feed shares all the trade secrets as an ex-marketer and expert in digital advertising.

Natural feeling content that isn’t sales is by far in a way the thing that impacts the content performance the most

Nick is one of the founders of Feed. He set up in 2020 as a solution to time-consuming, expensive and complicated digital marketing solutions.

Fab gets overly excited about diving deep into the geeky side of social advertising, exploring the most common issues experienced marketers make. They also explore the grow > sell > grow accordion (and develop a marketer-worthy acronym for it).

Finally, they explore Nick’s not-so-secret geeky obsessions – which include church architecture, among other things.


About Nick Edwards

In 20 years time you really won’t care. Whatever you’re worried about now, it’s insignificant to the future you

Nick is one of the founders of Feed, which he set up in 2020 with fellow founder Joshua Jacobson as a solution to time consuming, expensive and complicated digital marketing solutions available to entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketers alike.

Before Feed, he managed classical musicians & projects and prior to that was a hedge fund investor (BlueBay, Warwick Capital). He trained as an economist at the University of Cambridge.

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