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Elon Musk turns up the heat on Twitter

It's time to talk about the Twitter and Elon Musk soap opera as he goes for sole ownership stake of the social media platform
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It’s time to talk about the Twitter and Elon Musk soap opera. As Musk is going for sole ownership of the platform experts worry about the impact of ownership by one person after years of dealing with Facebook.

After initially an invitation late last week, Elon Musk decided not to join the Twitter board. Did he take Twitter’s reaction to his suggested changes the wrong way? As an example, among some of his “spiciest tweets”, he pointed out how Twitter’s most popular accounts, based on follower numbers, are not very active. This prompted the question – ‘is Twitter dying?’

Elon Musk and Twitter edit options

After becoming its biggest shareholder, Elon Musk has wasted no time making his Twitter feature priorities clear. The Tesla CEO has polled his 80 million followers about whether they’d like to be able to edit their tweets after posting them.

Fab and Becca share their reservations about the edit button. On the one hand, users can clean up typos after publishing their tweets in an ideal world. On the other hand, the feature could be ripe for abuse, allowing users to change the meaning of tweets after being shared across the platform. In fact, the “edit button” is one of the most commonly requested social media platform features.

On a lighter note, we are pretty excited about new accessibility support for video on social. LinkedIn, now we are only waiting for you.

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