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The real reason TikTok is expanding its video length to 10 minutes

We are wearing so many hats and going down into some oh-so-fun social media conspiracy theories. Yes, we are looking at you TikTok. We look at Facebook’s (failed) attempt to return to its roots with its college-focused social network called Campus. However, the initiative didn’t succeed, as Facebook now alerts users that Campus has fully shut down.

TikTok videos upgrade to 10 minutes

Becca has all the feelings about TikTok’s decision to expand the maximum video length to 10 minutes, up from 3 minutes. The official launch comes as Tiktok has been testing the change over several months. The expanded video length will give creators more time and flexibility.

The 10 minutes length for TikTok videos will help when filming things like cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational content, comedic sketches and more. Allegedly, this move should make creators’ lives easier. As we put our conspiracy hats on, we wonder whether is this a choice made with the user in mind or a way to stop Instagram’s rise as a short-form platform.

Tumblr nostalgia

Finally, we go down memory lane. We start thinking about our Tumblr days as the platform launches a tip jar feature to help bloggers make some extra cash. This opt-in feature will allow you to gift a little something to support your favourite content creators. It’s a win-win: creatives can make a little money from their work, while supporters can tip posts they love in fun, playful ways. And it’s here after much popular demand.

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