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#082 – It’s time we talk about Wordle

The feelings are running high on this one. Both Fab and Becca have a lot of strong opinions. Fab eventually got the hang of Wordle (and we cover a few creative ways brands jumped on the trend). We also discuss the problematic position social media managers often find themselves in.As we grab our prediction hats, we go straight into the new debate as Zuckerberg tells staff to focus on video due to keen competition from TikTok.
As Facebook’s stock plunged, we started wondering: is Meta going to go all “meta”? Instagram is clearly showing it with a whole new set of features. From experimenting with stories highlights to Reels conversion option to longer Reels clips, Instagram, well, is turning into TikTok.Twitter, we got words for you too. The jury is out on the new longer articles feature and what it means for users.


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