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#077 – Get comfortable embracing the unknown with the Uncertainty Experts

The Uncertainty Experts is the first of its kind interactive documentary scientifically proven to reduce anxiety. In this episode, we talk about the connection of the surging trends of metaverse and our human behaviours.

We discuss the intersection of marketing and mindset and dealing with uncertainty in our lives. Sam and Katherine share with us the inception of something completely new with Uncertainty Experts. We explore what they learned from working on the project and bringing it to life.

About The Uncertainty Experts

The Uncertainty Experts is the first of its kind interactive documentary. It is scientifically proven to increase our ability to embrace the uncertainty within ourselves and the world around us. Working with UCL it has become the world’s largest experiment in uncertainty. The results already that rival more traditional methods such as CBT to address the world’s anxiety crisis. The documentary uses real life storytelling as its driver.

Sam Conniff has always been an advocate of business as unusual. He has been operating at the intersection of brands, policy and social innovation to create positive change in the world. The book he wrote after stepping back from being CEO became an international best seller. It and launched a global movement of Pirates, rewriting the rules of life, society and work.

Katherine Templar Lewis is a creative scientist with a background in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. She is lead scientist on the Uncertainty Experts, the world’s largest experiment in uncertainty. Katherine works with University College London. She uncovers the mechanisms behind our ability to turn uncertainty from a place of anxiety into opportunity.

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