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#035 – Frameworks and hacks when building your strategy with Jess Audsley

#035 – Frameworks and hacks when building your strategy with Jess Audsley

Fab Giovanetti

Meet fellow Alt Marketing School teacher Jess Audsley. We dive deep into the intersection of frameworks and hacks when building your strategy, as well as the role of social media in your marketing and much more. When it comes to digital marketing, the biggest blessing (and curse) is the ability to adapt your strategy and direction.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Fab and Jess could have talked for hours, but sadly due to time constraints, this is all we had time for.

About Jess Audsley 👇

Jess is a social media strategist, founder of Rock Social strategic consultancy, a Google Digital Expert, podcast host, an Alt Marketing School teacher, course creator, trainer and speaker, fair weather runner, experience junkie and mum of three. I am here to make your life easier, to un-muddle social media and help you create real results for your business in a strategic way. With 20 years of broad strategic PR & Communications experience for brands big and small, I have accumulated an extensive toolkit which enables me to use my know-how and experience to support founders and brands with strategic social media that works.


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