#023 – Planable discuss preventing the pains of a social media team

We discuss how to scale social media efforts with a team with Miruna from Planable. Learn about the areas that take up the most time for social media teams and what happens when teams grow. Is collaboration something that teams really need to focus on?

When going behind the scenes of the processes and systems we set up when marketing teams grow and evolve, there are so many misconceptions we may cultivate from only seeing the results from the outside.

Find out how teams can audit their current processes.

About Miruna and Planable 👇

Miruna Dragomir is the Head of Marketing at Planable, a content collaboration platform for social media teams. For the past three years, she’s been leading growth efforts with the company. Plan and approve social media content 6X faster, with the easiest collaboration tool on the planet. IT is an end-to-end workflow tool that makes content collaboration fast and painless. They’ve grown 30X in revenue in these past three years and continue going up. She was previously a part of Uber’s Marketing Team and Oracle’s Social Media team. They recently worked on a report outlining the top 100 Companies that grew their social media teams in 2020, despite all of the odds. 


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