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Veronica Wood Querales

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This comprehensive masterclass is designed to take your marketing funnel knowledge from fundamental to phenomenal. With the guidance of our amazing teacher, Veronica Wood Querales, you’ll explore advanced techniques, dive into practical applications, and emerge with a skill set that’s primed for real-world challenges. Ready to make an impact? This is where your journey begins.

Who is this for?

  • Digital marketers looking to enhance their funnel strategy skills and stay ahead in a competitive industry.
  • Brand managers eager to understand and leverage the full potential of marketing funnels for brand growth.
  • Marketing students who want a practical, hands-on experience that complements theoretical learning.
  • Freelance consultants aiming to expand their service offerings and deliver added value to their clients.

About Your teacher

Veronica Wood Querales

Veronica is a seasoned marketer and mentor who collaborates with B2B and SaaS businesses, guiding them to successfully launch projects, develop outstanding marketing programmes, and assemble creative teams. When businesses find themselves at crossroads, unsure of where to kickstart their marketing endeavours, Veronica is the go-to expert. Her diverse offerings span from executing standalone marketing projects to providing invaluable consulting, training, and mentoring—empowering marketing teams to scale and evolve.

with this training you will...

  • Go beyond basics as you delve into advanced funnel techniques that differentiate the best from the rest.
  • Real-world applications that move beyond theoretical knowledge to hands-on, practical strategies.
  • Go from from passive to proactive as you anticipate and adapt to your audience’s needs seamlessly.
  • By the end, you won’t just know—you’ll do, crafting your own optimised funnel.

Learning Path 📗

  • Deep Dive Masterclass: join an in-depth exploration into the mechanics, strategies, and techniques of building strong and powerful marketing funnels, including real life examples, scenarios and short exercises.
  • Funnel Builder: a hands-on, visual guide to using our unique funnel builder tool, ensuring you understand its features and potential to its fullest.

Using our state-of-the-art marketing funnel builder, embark on a hands-on project where you’ll design, build, and optimise a marketing funnel from scratch. It’s your chance to apply all you’ve learned and witness your progress in real-time.

  • Funnel Builder Dashboard
  • Funnel Activity tracker
  • Campaign Timeline

An interactive session dedicated to answering your burning questions on funnels, providing best practices and insights drawn from Veronica’s vast experience.

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