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This app can help businesses achieve better work-life balance

This app can help businesses achieve better work-life balance

Fab Giovanetti

It’s honestly hard to balance life and business. It isn’t easy to find that balance between your life and business. If you’re an entrepreneur who has a life, have a family and have a side hustle, or perhaps own a small business and work from home.

A staggering 65% of people admit that now that they’re working remotely, they’re working longer hours than ever before.

But it’s even more difficult as businesses continue to operate in this hybrid niche of both working and living, and it’s even more challenging to figure out how to separate them as they become increasingly blurred together.

If you don’t have time to switch off, especially during the holiday season, your business will likely suffer in the longer run. And, there are lots of opportunities to grow a business throughout the holiday season.

Whether we like it or not, sometimes we need help setting stronger boundaries, especially during busy times. Thankfully, these days you don’t have to do it all alone.

Enter Chalkboard app

Apps like Chalkboard are here to support entrepreneurs re-establish boundaries in a few simple steps. Chalkboard is a 2nd line app for independents and small businesses.

The mobile app instantly provides you with a second number just for work. Plus tools to organise your customers, request reviews, and grow your business.

“Using automated tools that ensure you don’t miss opportunities while not having to keep your phone on loud 24/7 is a real game-changer. It allows you to recharge and continue to grow at the same time.”

You may be wondering about the benefits of setting up a separate local phone number for work for entrepreneurs. We live with our phones glued to our hands throughout the day, and this is no different for a small business owner. The current solutions for separating their work and personal lives aren’t ideal.

We asked the team at Chalkboard how we can use simple shortcuts to create better separation.

“(business owners) can either carry around two separate phones, mess with a dual SIM, or give out their number to a bunch of work contacts. Using a different local phone number, without having to buy any additional hardware, keeps things simple while also providing that separation between life and work. A distinction that keeps business running smoothly and entrepreneurs sane.”

Running your own business means you don’t have “work hours”. It’s an around the clock undertaking. Using tools like auto-reply, you can rest easy knowing that if you miss a call, you aren’t missing an opportunity.

“There’s a way to engage your customers without having to be on the clock. Business owners need a work-life balance, but they also can’t miss any potential business. Features like auto-reply are the key to these competing needs.”

Create separation and set better boundaries

Small businesses don’t bother setting up a work phone because it can be expensive. They often don’t realise they need work/life separation until it’s driving them crazy.

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If you have a mobile you’re already paying for, why not just give it out as your work number, right?

“As businesses grow, it becomes clear that by having two contacts labelled as “John” in your phone, and one is your friend, and the other is a client. Things can get muddy quickly. There need to be better, cheaper, faster solutions for small businesses to set up a second phone. That’s where Chalkboard comes in.”

Having a separate work number helps with boundaries because in the simple fact that it is separate, business owners can make decisions about how to manage it.

When will they answer it? How will they choose to follow up? How might they sort their work contacts that are reaching out to that number?

When you mix up customer communication with texts and calls from your family and friends. It makes it almost impossible to decide which boundaries you’re even looking to put in place. So, separation in the first place is vital – Chalkboard tools like auto-reply or broadcast messaging make things easier for extra peace of mind.

Switch to a second phone line with Chalkboard and create a more streamlined and balanced approach to your work schedule before the holiday break. Get the app now – you’ll thank us later.

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