The Surprising Reason Why You Should Write Yourself a Love Letter

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Show yourself a little self-love and write yourself a letter of admiration and love with these simple and actionable tips

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Self-love, self-care and mindfulness. 3 things we should all practise a little more frequently. So what happens when your heart is broken and self-love seems a little more difficult? Perhaps it’s about time you wrote yourself a love letter.

Only those who had their heart broken know how much it hurts. Only they recognize that paralyzing pain that comes from knowing that the person you loved, the person you shared your thoughts and emotions is no longer yours.

As much as you want to run away from the pain and suffering, locking all that away will only make you numb for a short period. And then, when you least expect, it will all come back like a tornado and crush you completely. That is why you need to deal with it. Face your emotions and help yourself heal.

If you truly want to get better and learn to love your life you need to start with the most important part – self-love. Write yourself a love letter that will help you see that loving yourself is the only way you can get thought this. Here’s how you can encourage yourself to do it.

Read open letters

Making the first step is always the hardest. At first, writing yourself a love letter can sound bizarre to some of you.

What you probably don’t know is that this is a very useful technique that many before you have already practised.

If you need some motivation to embrace this little task, you can take a look at other people’s love letters to themselves. After that, you’ll understand that you are not alone.

Find your safe place

Your friends and family can be your greatest support in life, but writing this letter is something that you need to face alone.

Before you start writing, go somewhere where no one can bother you. You need to be at peace with yourself.

Find a safe place where you can openly express your emotions. If you feel like you want to cry – cry. If you feel like you want to laugh – laugh. Don’t hold back at any moment. This is not the time to suppress your emotions.

Take a pen and paper

Researchers found that the act of writing your own story leads to people feeling happier. You are only one that can bring out the happiness in you again, so writing can be the first step.

You can use your laptop or phone if that is more convenient for you, but doing it in the old fashioned way is the best choice.

There is just something about writing a letter. It evokes romance and nostalgia. It shows dedication and appreciation. And that is exactly what you deserve.

No matter what you think at this moment, but the reality is that you do deserve the best. You do deserve a handwritten love letter and here is your chance to receive it.

Forget about your insecurities

This is no time for you to think about how you don’t like your thighs or how you could be funnier or smarter. Those are not facts, those are your insecurities.

It might sound like a cheesy phrase, but you are perfect the way you are. You are unique. That laugh you don’t like or your freckles that you trying to hide makes you who you are.

Try to forget about all those bad thoughts that usually come rushing in when you want to feel confident. Forget about them only for a moment and allow your self-love to flourish.

Evoke the child within you

Children don’t analyze themselves and aren’t living their life with self-grudge. Take yourself back to the time when you were completely happy with who you are.

Remember your story, remember who you are.

You probably changed a lot, but there are still some childlike characteristics in you that will put a smile on your face.

Think about what you love about yourself

When you leave all the insecurities behind, you’ll find that there are so many things that make you special.

Write down every little thing that makes you unique and worthy of love.

You’ll see that none of what has happened is your fault. You are an amazing being who deserves the best and nothing or no one should make you feel like that is not the truth.

Remember what your friends love about you

For some, it can be hard to write down what they love about themselves. So, start thinking about what your friends or your family love about you.

Every person that is in your life is there for a reason. Whether you always know how to brighten their day, whether you give them the best advice, or whether your sarcastic comments put a smile on their face.

It doesn’t matter if they ever said anything to you or they didn’t’, but you’ll know. Deep down you know that there are so many reasons why those people love you and want you in their life.

Be your own admirer

Self-love basics: channel your inner best friend and become your own secret admirer.

Imagine that you are someone from the outside. Someone who knows you deeply but has never expressed his or her lovely feelings. Play pretend just for this little task. You deserve to be admired and you should always be your own admirer.

If you need some prompts to encourage you, here are a few examples:

  • Dearest you…
  • I decided I need to express my feelings because…
  • I love you from the bottom of my heart because…
  • You make my day when you…
  • I’m really proud of you because…
  • What makes you different from anyone else is…
  • I’m grateful to you because…
  • What I wish for you is…

Read the letter as many times as you need

Writing is the first part, but reading it will hit you just as hard. Realizing all those amazing things that make you who you are can help you understand that you can get through this. You can get through anything and that is why you need to read this love letter as many times as you need until you accept how strong and unbelievable you are. Show yourself some self-love and keep reading your letters.

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