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We reach out to PR experts to investigate on how we can bring our PR in-house and get started with PR

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When it comes to getting the word out there about yourself, the power of PR is undeniable. However, many of us don’t have the budget to outsource to get started with PR at first.

It’s no good thinking one day, eventually you’ll get some PR for your business. Or that a journalist will magically come and find you, if you don’t put yourself out there and try.  Today, we reach out to PR expert Riannon Palmer, managing director at Lem-uhn to investigate on how we can bring our PR in-house and get started with PR.

Make it easy for journalists to find you

Sort yourself out a media kit on your website, all the bits they need at easy access. This way, if a journalist wants to feature you, they can do it without waiting for you to send something over email. Speed is key here, make it easy for them.

Maximise reactive pitching

Reactive PR can lead to a significant amount of coverage. Did you know that journalists are continuously wanting to focus stories on what’s going on in the news agenda?

When doing your own PR this can be time-intensive. For example, you need to be monitoring the news for opportunities, quickly draft and send out comments to the press. To make reactive pitching as quick and efficient as possible.

I would recommend reading the BBC and key trade titles first thing each morning and ideally, after lunch, as news happens very quickly. 

Finding media opportunities

 PRs and journalists work very closely together. Although in our profession we need journalists to cover our stories, journalists also need PRs to help them to contribute to articles and even come up with story ideas.  Digital journalists are expected to produce multiple articles a day and appreciate their relationships with PRs who help them to write their stories.

Follow journalists who write about your industry and who may have covered your competitors in the past.

In fact, they may share relevant opportunities on LinkedIn and Twitter. Furthermore, searching #journorequests on Twitter is a free way to find free opportunities as journalists share when they’re looking for case studies. 

Another free resource to find media opportunities is HARO, however, the focus is on the US. Journalists submit what type of expert or comment they’re looking for and individuals can respond. Furthermore, for £5.99 +VAT a month, Editorielle sends a daily email with UK media opportunities.

Refine your writing style

Although you may be a good writer, writing for PR is a different style to master. You are communicating with journalists rather than direct with consumers and must ensure your writing is clear and concise.

It’s also important to tailor your style depending on what you’re writing.

We mostly write press releases or PR pitches. The first is a more formal writing style while the second is a few paragraphs long and will become the basis of an email.

In advance, you can prepare a fact sheet and biographies for any key players at the company. For the fact sheet, you should include key details about the company including any funding, biographies and a brief outline of the company. Share this with journalists who need additional information or when they are writing about your company.

Forget the fear, and just start

What’s really important is to ensure your PR efforts fit into a wider marketing strategy. To significantly grow your company you need to have a cohesive marketing plan across all areas, including PR, SEO, branding, email marketing and more.

If you’d like some additional support for us to get started with PR strategy get in touch with us at [email protected]

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