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3 Ways to Embrace Agile Marketing in Your Strategy

May 23 @ 4:00 pm 5:00 pm UTC+1

Explore the infusion of agility into your marketing ventures, even on a tight budget.

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Learn the art of failing fast to reach rewarding results fast, all while operating an honest and effective entrepreneurial marketing venture. Join us for an engaging session filled with practical tips and real-world examples that will leave you equipped to navigate the marketing landscape with confidence.

  • Lean Thinking: Discover how to achieve more with less. Uncover strategies to streamline your marketing approaches, focusing on the essentials for maximum impact.
  • MVP Mindset: Embrace the concept of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Learn how to swiftly and efficiently test your marketing ideas, reducing waste and accelerating success.
  • Prioritisation Excellence: Become proficient in prioritising your marketing efforts. Identify and concentrate on the most critical tasks to drive results, ensuring your marketing venture remains agile, effective, and budget-friendly.

Hassan Kadra

Hassan is a seasoned Agile Delivery Manager with over 14 years in Tech IT and Engineering. He brings a humble yet confident and warm approach to his roles. His career spans diverse industries, where he has donned multiple hats in management, CRM/CSM, marketing, sales, and business development, particularly as an entrepreneur at HYVER, a B2B HR Tech startup. Hassan’s experience as a consultant has seen him undertake dynamic roles, deeply immersing in various business cultures. Passionate about collaboration, the sharing economy, and knowledge transfer, he is committed to supporting fellow entrepreneurs, offering insights from his rich, multifaceted career.

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