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Jay Clouse and lessons from the creator scientist

Jay Clouse shares the journey of being a full time creator and what the TV show Survivor can teach us about content


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We are joined by the one and only Jay Clouse to discuss the journey of being a full time creator, first jobs and what the TV show Survivor can teach us about content.

“Listen to your own voice more… We spend so much time consuming the content and ideas of other people, we crowd out our own intuition and thoughts a lot of times.”

Jay Clouse

Unleash your inner creator and join us for this jam-packed episode! If you’re looking to up your game, this episode is the one for you.

Jay Clouse is joining us for a chat that goes way back in time to his first job. In there, we cover everything from the power of podcasts hosting to building trust. Jay reminds us of the importance of getting rid of limiting beliefs that stop you dead in your tracks.

A few creator superpowers you may not be familiar with include developing empathy for negative people. Plus, we discuss the power of saying NO more. In our class in session, Jay shares a few tricks to get “better at other people’s names”. Yes, it’s a thing.

And if you are ready to take your creativity up a notch we have some underrated, yet indispensable tools for you.

“I think that there’s almost nothing more important than being good with names… No one is naturally good at names, people just decide that is important and so they work on becoming good at names.”

Jay Clouse
  • The importance of saying NO more
  • How to get better at names
  • Ways creators can smash limiting beliefs

About Jay Clouse

Jay helps creators earn a living. He is the writer of Creator Science and the host of Creative Elements, a narrative-interview podcast going behind the scenes of today’s top creators. He previously led the Community Experience team for Pat Flynn and Smart Passive Income. As part of the team, he designed their paid membership community and cohort-based course programs.

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