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The 99-cent product growth hack

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Our head teacher, Fab, introduces you to the 99-cent trick as a growth hack that both qualifies leads and encourage conversion

Our head teacher, Fab, introduces you to one of the oldest tricks in the book as a growth hack that both qualify leads and encourage conversion and it is worth much more than 99-cent.

Create an ebook, guide or deck and sell it to your audience for 99 cents. This fits into the core principles of buyer psychology, at the core of our introduction to digital course.

Why not give it away for free then?” you may be wondering. It builds credibility, qualifies your audience and shows they are interested in taking further steps with you.

Create an ebook going more in-depth about the content you create with this 99-cent trick. In fact, they’re more likely to buy the book than schedule a call. Once your audience takes action, you can send a follow-up email and offer further help.

Creating a way to attract the right leads is an incredibly powerful way to encourage credibility and loyalty. The 99-cent product growth hack is incredibly versatile and can work for both B2B and B2C offerings.

Think about a small problem you can solve for your audience and create a resource around that.

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