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4 Home Office Picks from the Zoella x Etsy Collection

4 Home Office Picks from the Zoella x Etsy Collection

Fab Giovanetti

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Farewell, vitamin D and sunny beaches, the time has come to put our big boss pants back on and pursue those big dreams of yours. Yet, holiday blues are a thing for far too many people. Being able to bring joy and refresh inspiration is not just something for your vision board. 

Upgrading your office space can be an amazing way to refresh and recharge your space. What is one thing that can make our September a little brighter?

There are incredibly simple and effective ways to liven up your space by making it more personal, just like the new Zoella x Etsy collection, incorporating handmade items throughout your own space to spark joy.

Looking to find out more about the Zoella x Etsy partnership? Check out the full collection here

About the Zoella x Etsy collection

“My home is my sanctuary” says Sugg, who believes in incorporating handcrafted items throughout her own space to add joyful touches.  “It’s the place where I feel most relaxed and safe.  It’s always important for my surroundings and the overall vibe of my home to make me feel that way.” 

 In collaboration with 9 talented Etsy UK sellers, Etsy has partnered with Zoe Sugg (the power woman behind Zoella) to create items bursting with bright colours and delightful details. 

This collection offers a lovely mix of home décor items that will inject a little something special into your space 


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