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How to Build a Thriving Copywriting Career with Ylani Salcedo

How to Build a Thriving Copywriting Career with Ylani Salcedo

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Ylani Salcedo is a copywriter for wellness brands and brands with a wellness/conscious angle to their branding. She’s also the podcast host of Ylani talks which aims to redefine self-care and love for your mental health.

Ylani Salcedo is known for her writing passion and the motivating content of her personal brand. When she’s not helping others feel empowered, finding peace, and confidently moving forward she’s devouring a new book or spending time with loved ones.

My mission is to offer a motivating corner that supports wellness brands through my copywriting services and also content and periodic products for well-being.

All in all, I help people feel empowered, find peace, and confidently move forward.

What inspired you to start your brand?

I’ve always loved writing as a therapeutic balm to high emotions when I was young. As I got older and was choosing my career path, I naturally fell into writing.

My brand began with that same passion to use my words in order to connect with others and leave impactful pieces of work no matter where my opportunities first began. It’s grown a lot throughout the years but I find myself today being able to tie my own love and experiences of mental health and emotional health topics while providing copywriting services in the wellness space where so much of that passion-driven work lives.

What’s your competitive advantage? What makes you unique?

The one thing I can say that makes me unique against competitors or brands doing similar work is my personal experiences.

I speak from a personal level in all of my work and I’m able to bring that side of humanity that others may be missing.

After all, if you want to connect with others your honesty and own relatable stories make a brand that much stronger to trust and be constantly connected to—a point that I always come back to when working with clients and creating content.

What skills did you come to the brand with already and how has this helped grow your business?

I have 10 years of copywriting experience so that’s a lot of writing under my belt but my brand itself was mainly built through my deep love of words. It’s helped me understand what truly connects with others and has allowed me to grow my business in all its phases because of it.

Another way it’s aided my brand growth is the ability to understand exactly where my clients are coming from when they need help with their own copywriting. I know how important it is to get your message crystal clear in order to keep growing and that’s one of the most valuable things my love of words has done for my business.

What skills did you improve or add to your toolkit by starting your brand?

The skills I’ve improved by starting my brand are networking effectively, time management, marketing, podcasting, branding, personal boundaries, self-trust, and self-belief. These are the core qualities to grow any brand and the more time you have improving them throughout the years the better a business becomes. Even as I added skills I wasn’t too familiar with in the beginning that willingness to keep learning has been beneficial for the expansion of my brand.

Being a member of Creative Impact is firstly an honour!

What I’ve found to be my favourite thing is the way networking feels effortless with all of the opportunities available and its members sharing what they do. It’s rare to find places that are as helpful and full of light as Creative Impact. Being able to be in contact with Fab as well is one of the things that makes the networking feel the way it does for me.

What’s the most rewarding part of running your own brand?

The most rewarding part of running your own brand is being able to connect with like-minded beings while also seeing how much you’re able to impact others. It makes my mission and the different ways I express it whether it’s through content, a project, or a simple Instagram Story that much more enticing and motivating for me to keep going.

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Self-care is a big part of being able to show up for others. You only have 5 minutes to yourself. What do you do?

In 5 minutes I would reflect on what I’m feeling at the moment and ease myself into a brief meditation. That helps me have a clearer mind when showing up for others without feeling like I haven’t had time for myself. Every minute of simply breathing helps immensely.

What one failure or challenge are you glad you experienced, and what have you learned from it?

The biggest challenge I’m glad I’ve experienced is a chunk of years that included my deepest depression, difficulty with the job I was in at the time, a devastating situation that happened within my family that added to the difficulty I was already having, a relationship that wasn’t working, and gaining more weight than I ever had.

While at the time I didn’t see how those years would be the pivotal points to self-growth, deepening my spirituality, and shifting my business to what it is today I’m grateful that it happened to align with all the things I needed to grow throughout all areas of my life.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own brand?

If you’re thinking of starting your own brand just start with what you have! Try your hardest to not get caught up with the little details and having everything perfect.

Perfection doesn’t actually exist because you’re always learning.

If you’re really certain and clear of what you want to do for a brand that’s enough to push you to simply begin. You’ll be able to refine, adjust, and add to your skills along the way.

You can find out more about Ylani Salcedo on her website and social media. And take a look at the collective here – we’d love to welcome you and your dreams!