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How to welcome the Winter solstice for a new beginning

How to welcome the Winter solstice for a new beginning


As we move into 2022, after the Winter Solstice, it is vital to release the year that has been and take time to reflect and make peace with it.
This reflection is a powerful thing to do as we transition into a new year ahead.

Often the festive season is hectic and hosts so many emotions leading up to the high of the new year before being thrown into the “new year, new me” mindset, and we start to push for big goals. In reality, people have barely caught their breath with the year that has been and need to ease themselves slowly into the new year ahead.

I always say January is an integration month to find your feet and ease into the year ahead.

While I’m all for being organised and having positive intentions for the year ahead, I believe this should include reflection, gratitude, self-care and time to pause.

The importance of releasing and making peace with all that came from the year that passed is vital to move forward with your load lightened.

The Winter Solstice

During the festive season, we have the magical “Winter Solstice” in the northern hemisphere, which in the wheel of the year is a time of deep reflection, a time to release things, go within and bury your intentions deep into the earth, ready for spring.
It’s a great thing to observe to help you cross over into the new year and bring some peace to your festive season.

Take time to reflect

I suggest setting aside a small amount of time to reflect and to think about the following things:
What do I need to let go of?
How has my year been?
How has the year felt?
What can I be grateful for?
What do I need to make peace with?

The need to make peace with difficult times, emotions and things is a powerful thing to do. It allows us to fully process items to go forward and find inner peace and acceptance. Sometimes life doesn’t always go our way, and it’s essential to meet all of this difficulty, wherever you are at, and bring peace into this space in order to let it go. There’s no right or wrong way with this process; the aim is to regain and refind peace and a sense of clarity.

It creates space and a clear foundation which is perfect for the new year ahead.

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As for the new year ahead, it’s essential to find your own rhythm with it and ease into it. Don’t rush if that doesn’t feel good. It can be easy to get caught up in the new year buzz, do what feels right for you goal-wise; you may feel ready to do big things, of course.

Hannah’s gift to you

My biggest gift here is to remind you to listen to your intuition and do what feels good in yourself and your body. The body is always talking to us; remember this.
In the wheel of the year, nature isn’t waking up till Imbolc on the 2nd of February, so it may be a case of letting your goals and intentions take their time to come alive.

Happy New year and 2022. May you make peace with the one that’s been and welcome a fruitful peaceful one in the year ahead.

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