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How sustainable activewear sensation We Are Tala broke the internet

How sustainable activewear sensation We Are Tala broke the internet

Fab Giovanetti

Some brands launch – others break the internet.

Influencer and entrepreneur Grace from @gracefituk launched her new brand – Tala – and proceeded to break the internet. Again.

As stated in one of her Instagram posts, the website counted over “10,000 new @wearetala girl orders in 30 minutes, 80,000 people on the site” (Instagram)

What is Tala, anyway?

We are on a mission to create on-trend, affordable, high-performance activewear, that is 100% up-cycled and honest and we are 92% of the way there…

Tala’s packaging is recyclable and the tags are made from 100% plantable paper – which means if you plant, love and care for them, they will grow.

TALA is a new brand of activewear that holds sustainability at its core. Garments are produced and hand finished in Portugal where a number of steps have been taken to ensure every step of the process is as sustainable as possible.

Credits: @wearetala

Partnering with a world-leading facility has ensured that the garments not only fulfill the functionality demanded by the customer but also lessen the footprint by spinning the required yarn and fibres on site.

Tala uses GOTS, The Global Recycled Standard and our main fabric is Q-Nova. Q-Nova is a fully up-cycled, sustainable fabric.

We are more than just a sustainable brand, we give #TALAGIRLS the choice to look cute, feel empowered AND care for the environment without breaking the bank.

When it comes to Grace’s very own journey, she shared her thoughts last night, right after the launch of the website
Credits: @gracefituk

“Over a year of operating without revenue or profits, just a team that believed that ethical, sustainable, inclusive and well-priced activewear was not only achievable but the way to go. I knew from your support it would be hard to cater to demand, but we are willing to go all the way to do it and change the industry for the better. I can’t believe your support and honestly we cannot thank you enough” (Instagram)

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