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Upgrade Your Working From Home Uniform with We Are Tala

Upgrade Your Working From Home Uniform with We Are Tala


Activewear brand TALA holds sustainability at its core. Garments are produced and hand-finished in Portugal where a number of steps have been taken to ensure every step of the process is as sustainable as possible.

This month, we asked our cover girl and entrepreneur Grace Beverley to share with us some of her favourite picks from her brand TALA. In 2019,  Beverley featured in The Times’ list of Britain’s top 100 influencers next to Joe Sugg, brother of beauty vlogger Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg and many others.

In our exclusive interview we asked her the infamous question: if you could live in just one TALA item for the next few months, what would it be?

“If the weather continues as it is, a Hosta and Aster set in one of the core colours” shared Beverley. “SO flattering and comfy I’d be very happy wearing it for the next few months!”

Below you can find the top four product recommendations from We Are Tala: “choosing my favourite products is incredibly tricky because I wouldn’t sign off or design a product that I wouldn’t wear all the time myself. But I’d say there are five I am leaning to most at the moment.”

Onda and Luna

I love wearing the full Onda/Luna set at the moment as it has such a flattering fit, and is super comfortable. I normally put this on when I get up in the morning ready to start work, then I can work out in it later that afternoon.

We Are Tala Onda Zip Top


Our headbands are an absolute lifesaver! So useful to throw on, such an easy way to make you look put together.

We Are Tala Headband


These shorts are one of our best sellers, people absolutely LOVE their fit…they have the best contour and high waistband.

We Are Tala Hosta Shorts


The softest and cosy plastic bottles I’ve ever worn! 

We Are Tala Nova Trackies

Check out We Are Tala on Instagram and shop the range on their website.

You can read our full exclusive interview with Grace in May’s issue of the Digital Magazine – download your copy here.