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Value yourself: 5 steps to your ultimate health

Value yourself: 5 steps to your ultimate health


So, you survived 2019 and are kicking off the New Year? You survive it only to be met by the prospect of New Year’s resolutions. Don’t be too hard on yourself! This article shows how good health begins with valuing yourself. We are more likely to look after the things we value, now is the time to improve your relationship with you, so you can take care of your physical and mental health.

Good health starts within you so grab and pen and paper and follow these small steps to a healthier and happier you.

Forget diets, fitness fads, dry January, unrealistic resolutions…Good health begins with you. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is the key to managing stress levels, relationships with others and everything modern-day life has to throw in your direction.

Letting go of negativity

Holding on to past anxieties, beating yourself up about what could or should have occurred is at best pointless, and at worst, damaging. Take any learning points for a better future, but remember that nobody is perfect, and let it go. If you need to write down the things you are holding on to and throw each thing into the bin, so be it.

Recognising Super You

Now is the time to focus on you, set aside time to do this, as much as it needs. Start with all the things you do well. Mind blank? Don’t worry, there are plenty. If you are shy at blowing your own trumpet, ask others who know you well to have a go-to get you thinking along the right lines.
Think of a challenging situation that you overcame, what did you do to overcome it? Try to identify the skills you used, write them down. Think of something you have achieved. What skills did you need to be able to do it? Add them to your list. Think of any way you have been complimented by others, write down what it was that people saw in you. Think of the things you do every day with or without difficulty, what you see as routine, others may see as impressive.

You may need to train your mind to notice but that’s all part of the fun. Read through your list, allow yourself to think freely and generously, add other skills and qualities as you think of them.

As you begin to appreciate your skills and value yourself more, begin to focus on your physical and mental health. What things cause you stress? You may not be able to eliminate them, but you can change the way you view them or deal with them. Discuss them with someone you trust for a different viewpoint.

Now it’s time to think about what things cause you problems physically? There will be ways to take charge of your health to build a stronger, fitter, healthier you, a you that can cope with whatever life offers more easily.

Next Steps

Keep your list somewhere that is easily accessible, you should read it, and add to it often. When something causes you stress, take a mental step back, acknowledge the feeling but don’t allow it to control you. Pause before reacting and think about ways you could handle the situation differently.

Possible solutions include:
• Discussion
• Delegation
• Asking for help
• Altering your viewpoint
• Research
• Writing it down
• Prioritising

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Looking after your health can be easy, and doesn’t have to be expensive. Once you start you will quickly feel the benefit and it empowers you to do more.

Here are a few ideas:
• Getting off the tube/train or bus a stop or two early
• Use the stairs
• Lunchtime power walks
• Hook up with an exercise buddy
• Speak with HR about providing workplace wellbeing activities
• Walk faster
• Keep mobile, get up from your desk and add in some desk-based activities

Once you have established a healthier and happier relationship with yourself, you will find that other facets of life slot into place.

Developing this won’t come overnight, but good things are worth striving for. Small, but definite positive steps is the key.

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