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How the Mapi Method is changing the face of wellness

How the Mapi Method is changing the face of wellness


Sarah Rowley is the founder of The Mapi Method – an online programme with a fresh approach to wellbeing. Their blueprint for ‘how to do life better’ challenges the widespread practice of randomly stacking new self-improvement and self-care interventions.

After working for a behaviour change business for 10 years and being the go-to agony aunt and councillor for her circle of friends (and their friends)! Sarah made a breakthrough discovery that led her to create the self-improvement and wellbeing brand, The Mapi Method.

Instead, they call attention to twelve core areas of life and how their interconnection is key to supercharging everything we think, feel, and do.

Our mission is to provide people (whether they are struggling, languishing, or just looking to do a bit of fine-tuning) the platform for this wellbeing reset and help them look, feel, act, and connect better than ever, using the 12 principles of The Mapi Method can make each day really count.

What inspired you to start your brand?

My friends had become wellbeing sponges! Aimlessly absorbing and flitting from one self-improvement and wellbeing practice to another – excitedly all in at one moment, then defeated and uninspired in the next. It got me wondering why do so few of us find long-term solutions to our problems and aspirations?

This curiosity coincided with a habits and emotions project I was working on for a behaviour change business – a few weeks in, it dawned on me, there are multiple areas of cross-over when it comes to the science, insights, and techniques to improve your life. Someone had to research and collate them, and I wanted that someone to be me!

What’s your competitive advantage?

In an oversaturated wellbeing space, The Mapi Method has done the heavy lifting for you. We conducted a two-year research project analysing the works of some of the greatest psychologists, neuroscientists, behaviourists, professors, spiritual and wellness gurus. The outcome is a skillfully and deliberately arranged set of essential 12 guiding principles – an achievable and innovative one-stop shop to underpin a successful life.

We are unique not only for what we have created but also because we are wellbeing engineers. Free to highlight and cheer other people’s brilliance, unfettered by a single specialization, and open-minded to a wondrous mix of hardcore science and modern-day hacks.

What skills helped grow your business?

I’ve had some incredible jobs and worked with a start-up before, so I am pretty savvy in the business setup side of things. But for this job, my life skills have helped me create and grow my business the most – critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, resilience, and self-management.

What did you lean by starting your brand?

Year on year, there always seems to be a raft of new platforms that can make setting up and managing your business easier. As our team is small and works remotely, we have decided to utilize several to free up our time and enhance connectivity. I am currently using: Slack, Zoom, Grammarly, Convertkit, Canva, Notion, and Sprout Social.

There is a lot to learn when you are first starting, and time is precious, so having a resource like Creative Impact at your fingertips is invaluable. It’s my go-to place when I get stuck or need some inspiration (there are some seriously amazing people on it, doing some cool stuff)!

The work I am doing has the potential to help someone have a better life and that is a fantastic feeling.

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What one challenge are you glad you experienced?

Just over 20 years ago, I was working for a huge investment bank in London, and one day they announced they were going to merge with another huge investment bank. So, either myself or ‘my mirror’ in the other bank would get to keep our job. After the initial shock subsided, I decided to call her; we met for lunch and together hatched a plan for the unlucky one to find something else. It took the potential sting out of our fate and made me realise that hiding from problems is never the right approach.

You only have 5 minutes to yourself, what do you do?

If the weather is good and I am at home, a quick 5-minute barefoot walk on the grass outside. Nature is a powerful and mind-clearing tonic for me. Otherwise, a 5-minute loving-kindness meditation is always a great way to recalibrate.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out?

After you have been working tirelessly on a new brand behind the scenes, it’s easy to become overprotective and defensive about your fledgling business. My advice would be to stay open-minded to being wrong and don’t take things personally when knock-backs come your way (which invariably they will).

The one thing I wish I had known before I started is how to use Instagram!

You can found out more about Sarah Rowley and the Mapi Method on their website, Instagram, Twitter and check her out on LinkedIn, too.