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The Best Cameras for Creatives in 2020

The Best Cameras for Creatives in 2020

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Your camera is your best friend when it comes to creating content. But what does all the jargon mean? What is the best camera out there for snapping photos of your food? Or when it comes to those action shots in the gym? We asked our community and friends in the business for their recommendations in 2020.

If you’re looking for the best photography tips for food take a look here and at our favourite editing tools.


Camera vs Phone

We cannot deny that the quality of phone cameras has never been better and it’s not surprising that many creatives on Instagram will post content taken from their phone. Rachel Mar comments on the “amazing quality” of her iPhone which she ends us using a lot, despite having a Canon camera.

Another community member who focuses on food, nourishment and lifestyle photos is Sonal Ambasna who has recently done a course on making the most of the camera on the iPhone.

I have to say you can get done pretty good results with an iPhone!

There can be a lot said for similar courses, as the hidden wonders of the iPhone keep growing – something Ushi Lad is trying to get to grips with. It seems as though Apple needs to up its game when it comes to educating users on just how to create such outstanding photos with our portable devices.


The joys of the Camera

So, when you do opt for the camera rather than a phone, what is it that our community is drawn to? Rachel is a die-hard Canon girl, using her Canon Mark  III EOS 5D  with a 50mm lens. That said, she has recently been tempted to look into the 24-104mm lens now after Ash Martins told us:

For the last 2 years I’ve only had a 50mm lens, but finally got 24-105 which is a game-changer. The Canon colours look so natural compared to other branded cameras and now that I’ve gotten to grips of the menus there’s no going back!

The online trainer, life coach and photographer has both the Canon 5D Mark and the Canon  G5X, opting for the latter camera for everyday use. He loves it because he can still have the manual control if he wants to take RAW photos, but it’s small enough that he can film & get shots for Instagram or Youtube, too. He saves his 5D Mark IV for his photography work & content creation.

Another few Canon models to note are the Canon EOS 1300D which Amy Meegan likes for capturing food images, floral images and general lifestyle pics, e.g. people, scenery as it’s a great all-rounder. There is also the Canon GX7 Mark 2 which Danielle King comments is easy to take with you anywhere and works well in a number of different situations.

If you’re looking for something other than a Canon, Margarida Vasconcelos captures everything with her Nikon 5500D and gets great results. It is easy to travel with and she shoots everything from food to travel photos with it.

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Ask the experts

Our friends at Club Backdrops know a thing or two about cameras and what to look out for. Club Backdrops create premium portable backdrops for product, portrait, flat-lay, food, fashion & video. Born out of their own needs as photographers, they craft their backdrops to help professionals, enthusiasts & Insta-preneurs with inspiring content creation.

For a great all-rounder, their recommendation would be the Sony A7RIII. They use this small but powerful pro camera for both studio shoots and to capture the details of their original backdrop textures. Paired with a full-frame Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA lens, the A7RIII has helped them to elevate their photoshoots and social content. It also tethers perfectly with their studio laptop, giving them the advanced editing power of Capture One software as they work.

Club Backdrops can also vouch for the Sony A6000, a super-compact camera with an interchangeable lens system and 24MP sensor.

Easy to use and producing amazing quality results, this is the perfect camera for bridging the gap between point-and-shoot and DSLR.

We hope this can inspire and inform your next camera purchasing decision – stay in touch and let us know your favourites. Get in touch with us on social – we’re @creativeimpactco on Instagram.

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