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How to Use Tailwind Communities to Amplify Pinterest Traffic

How to Use Tailwind Communities to Amplify Pinterest Traffic

Fab Giovanetti

(This post contains affiliate links to Tailwind. If you take action after clicking one of those links, we’ll be getting some coffee money at no extra cost to you ☕ – which we promise to drink whilst creating more incredible content for you.)

It’s no surprise that Pinterest is still considered the underdog of social media. With both Pinterest AND LinkedIn skyrocketing in popularity, traffic and conversions, it’s no surprise that more and more content creators and bloggers are using these platforms to drive traffic back to their websites.

When it comes to Pinterest, community and sharing with other people is one of the key aspects of bringing more traffic back to your website, and you can do that by simply making the most of engagement on Pinterest.

Are group boards the best way to engage on Pinterest?

A group board is one where multiple pinners/editors collaborate to create a niche-focused board.

They’re great for reach but do ensure they’re well run and on topic. Note the number of saves and the number of editors – usually under 100 is great.  Finding them is tricky, but a Google search can work, or look out for Pinterest Group Facebook pages. 

If you’d still like to join a board, compile a polite note/message requesting access and cross your fingers. It can be hit and miss so don’t despair if it doesn’t work, just move onto the next one. 

One thing has to be said. As someone who believes strongly in the power of branding and sharing beautiful quality work, you can’t control what your followers see if you’re participating in groups.

I don’t take follow lightly and I care too much about my followers to expose them to content I don’t personally approve of.  My feed is beautiful and purposeful and I want to keep it that way.

Instead of spending time on group boards, I’d recommend you focus your efforts on Communities, a free feature from the software Tailwind.

Welcome to Tailwind Communities

We talked about Tailwind before with an interview with their head of marketing, Melissa.

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling and analytics tool.

They help brands of all sizes save time and grow their engagement on both platforms. Their Instagram tool allows you to auto-publish content to your Instagram feed, schedule Instagram Stories, discover new hashtags and track your performance through our analytics.

Tailwind Communities is a feature that Tailwind offers, and it may become your little secret for skyrocketing Pinterest reach and traffic to your blog:

Check out Tailwind Communities to discover new, amazing, like-minded Pinners that will both inspire you and will be interested in sharing your content to their audience. We’ve even had members meet new people to collaborate with off of Tailwind through their communities!

Click here to join your first Tailwind community (did I mention it’s free?).

Everyone can benefit from Tailwind Communities – whether you are a seasoned Pinner or you’ve never touched a Pinterest board in your life. Tailwind Communities are like-minded groups of trusted peers helping each other grow their Pinterest reach and traffic.

Connect with Pinterest creators, get inspired by fresh ideas, and build relationships with members in more than 20,000 Communities. They do this by helping each other to discover the best new content for their audience while amplifying the reach of each other’s content.

Some of the benefits of Communities:

  • you’ll have a steady stream of great content to share
  • reaching your target audience
  • everyone in the Community focuses on aggregating content (also known as sharing content as a group)
  • different Communities aggregate different content (topics, themes etc) in order to build traffic

How do I get started with Communities?

You can pin by using the Tailwind extension, or simply when you are scheduling pins for yourself. They both will give you the option to add to Communities. If you’re pinning other people’s content, you can pin directly from your scheduler.

When it comes to submissions, you’ll see a “little blue flame” in the right-hand corner of the pin image, which represents the social sharing stats of the blog post on your website and Pinterest.

Please do not obsess over this, and make sure you focus on pinning the best content possible.

We have been consistently using Communities for years now, and we can absolutely see a difference in the way Pinterest has been performing for us, in terms of the magazine.

Tailwind Communities do not require you to be a paid member of Tailwind to use them – though you do need to open an account with Tailwind. As a free user, you get to be a member of 5 Communities and make 30 content submissions per month. If you need more Communities than 5 or 10, you can purchase a membership to more access using “Power-Ups”.

Tailwind itself is free to trial here or you can upgrade for as little as $15 per month to start using the features of Tailwind – which you can read about here.

I believe there is nothing wrong with groups, however, Communities are much more powerful since they have been created with the aim of amplifying traffic – something that is not really proven for group boards.

You can join the Creative Impact Co Tailwind Community here for free, and see how you get along.

Create your own Community

Creating your own Communities can give you authority within the space and bring like-minded people together.

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First, you need to pick a name.

Will you go broad or niche? While a broad topic can appeal to a large number of potential members, a narrow topic increases the likelihood that your Community will be full of content that’s relevant for all – making for happier members and a more active Communities.

Once you have a name, define the kind of guidelines that will make your community a fantastic resource for you and your communities. Rules can cover everything from the subject of Pins allowed, whether or not product photos are allowed, the size of images allowed, the volume of submissions allowed.

The first 20 Pins added to a new Community don’t count toward your limit for the month, so go ahead and fill it up!

If you already have some invitees in mind, add in some of their content, so when they view your invite and preview your Community, they’ll see that some of their content is there already – and they’ll feel very welcome.

Why not start your Community off this strong core of people whose content you already know and love and whom you are happy to support. You can post an invite to a group, in a direct message, in an email, or a blog post.

How do I find relevant Tailwind Communities?

The easiest way to join Communities is to use the “Find A Community” option on Tailwind and search by keyword or tags. You’ll be able to see if you recognize any members or have any connections in any of the Communities listed.

You can also click and see the activity level and check out a preview of the Community content – which is important to define whether that Community is a good one for you.

Make sure you evaluate whether it’s worth for you to stay in a Community. Head to the Community Overview, which you can find on the left-hand side of the screen within your Tailwind dashboard.

It will show you the engagement of the followers of the contributors. In addition to this overview, be sure to zoom in on your own results within the Community, including the number of reshares and how many repins your pins are getting from those reshares.

If you are not happy with the results, it’s time to leave the Community.

Exposure and growth, more often than not, means paying for promotions. With Tailwind Communities, the exposure is organic and keeps growing over time – like a snowball effect. You’ll log in next week and see those numbers have continued to grow – and so will your blog traffic.

You can join the Creative Impact Co Tailwind Community here for free, and see how you get along.

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