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What are the Sunday scaries and how can we fight them off?

What are the Sunday scaries and how can we fight them off?

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Is the weekend the best part of your week? You get to kick back, relax, and forget all about work for a couple of days. But as Sunday evening draws in, so does the anxiety of going back to work. Even if you love your job, sometimes the Sunday scaries can still find you!

Here, we will look at the anxiety that occurs on Sunday evening and how you can cope with these feelings and better survive the new week.

Try a relaxation routine

It can feel like the weekend comes to an end rather abruptly. It has been this way ever since you were in school – one moment you’re having fun, and the next you worry about Monday and what the week will bring.

You can ease out of Sunday and into a good night sleep with a relaxation routine. It could include eating a good meal and then checking out from technology a little, engaging in some meditation and a bath, and perhaps even listening to a sleep story to help you rest.

Your routine could involve something as simple as reading a book or doing some gentle exercise with a friend. The point is to get out of your head and allow you to relax and enjoy the last little bit of your weekend.

Find a work-life balance

If you are getting anxious about work to the point where it creeps into your Sunday evening, try to create firmer boundaries. It might look like taking your work emails off your phone or telling your colleagues that you will not be responding to work-related messages over the weekend.

This disconnect level may help you remain switched off from work a little bit longer and enjoy the time you get to relax.

Get a good night sleep

It might sound like an impossibility when you are stressed about work or anxious about the coming week, but getting a good night sleep is essential when it comes to feeling prepared for work.

Sleeping well will help you feel more alert and make it easier to think clearly when you think about work. Inadequate quality sleep can make you feel more anxious and worried about things.

Keeping your sleep routine reasonably consistent throughout the weekend is also helpful, rather than having late nights. This consistency can help keep anxiety at bay in and of itself.

Write a to-do list

Do you struggle to stop thinking about what you need to do? If you spend Sunday night worrying about all the tasks you need to complete on Monday morning, only to find yourself overwhelmed by them, a list could be your best friend.

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Writing a to-do list can help order your thoughts and let you see your priorities. Rather than getting overwhelmed, this can even let you see that things might not be as scary as you imagine.

Talk to a psychologist

If these tips don’t help as much as you hope they might, it could be time to talk to a therapist. Even if you find these techniques helpful, any amount of continued stress and anxiety could harm your mental and physical health.

Talking to a professional can help you better to understand the reasons and causes behind your feelings. It will help you deal with them in a unique way to you.

With these techniques, we hope that you feel better equipped to cope with those anxious feelings so that your new week can be as uplifting and productive as possible. And remember, if you think that you cannot handle stress and anxiety with these techniques alone, a psychologist can be excellent support for any personal or work-related stress.

Joanna Konstantopoulou is a Health Psychologist and Founder of the Health Psychology Clinic, find out more on Instagram and read more of her pieces here.