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Stay Wild Swim: “we encourage our customers to buy less but buy better”

Stay Wild Swim: “we encourage our customers to buy less but buy better”

Fab Giovanetti

Today marks the launch of the brand new sustainable swimwear Stay Wild Swim.

The brand is the brainchild of two creatives Zanna Van Dijk (@zannavandijk) and Natalie Glaze (@natalieglaze): “We are extremely passionate about protecting the oceans and a result we wanted to create a brand which not only fights ocean plastic but actively contributes to the solution and we don’t want to compromise style or quality as we do so.”

Stay Wild Swim is a luxury swimwear brand made from regenerated ocean plastic. Its primary ingredient is ECONYL®,, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from collected fishing nets and other plastic waste:

Our brand is the first of its kind in the UK swimwear market successfully delivering beautifully made, fashion-forward swimwear with a sustainable and ethical production process.

At every stage, the brand works with local London-based start-ups and sustainability leaders who share passion for creating a working responsibly.

Everything from the recycled packaging through to the carbon neutral shipping is chosen with the planet in mind.

Designed to flatter every woman, the pieces have a purpose by quite literally turning threat into thread.

The swimwear is made from premium Italian fabric, stitched using thread upcycled from plastic bottles and handmade in London. The factory they use is a social enterprise which trains people from disadvantaged backgrounds in clothing production to strengthen their employment prospects.

They also created a sustainability hub on the website where they champion other sustainable brands and share advice on how to live more consciously: “all to support our customers on their conscious consumption journey”.

What makes Stay Wild Swim so unique?

The brand is a social brand in every sense: followers have been actively involved in colour choices, designs and even naming the collection and pieces.

Credits: @staywildswim

You guys have shaped our brand .Thank you for all your suggestions, they have been hugely insightful. We received over 800 votes and countless messages; and we listened. After collating your feedback we settled on blue, black and a bright coral orange. Black as a classic, blue for the ocean and coral for the reefs. We also chose these three colours due to the fabric quality. Colour hugely affects the robust nature of fabrics. These three colours are the ones where the fabric is the highest quality, wears best and handles salt, chlorine and life well. This is our pilot collection. 2 designs in 3 colours. We will grow with time and we want to take you on our journey as we expand to create more colours and styles. So this is just a little thank you to YOU.

Credits: Stay Wild Swim

The key idea behind the product is that the swimwear is beautiful, high quality and made to last: “we encourage our customers to buy less but buy better. Instead of shopping for new swimwear every holiday, invest in one of our pieces and use it for years.”

Up to 14 million tonnes of plastic is making its way into our oceans each year, that’s a truck load every minute: “at Stay Wild Swim we are committed to not only fighting the problem but contributing to the solution. We use sustainable practices to produce beautiful premium swimwear from regenerated ocean plastic, without compromising on style or substance.”

The swimwear is made from recycled plastic, it has to capability to release tiny micro-fibres into the water system when it is washed: “to combat this issue we stock the GuppyFriend bag. Simply wash any synthetic fabrics in the bag, capture the micro-plastics and empty them into your bin to stop them from entering the water system.” It is important to us that every element of Stay Wild Swim is as sustainable as possible; which is why their tags and packaging are recycled and recyclable in nature and our shipping is 100% carbon neutral.

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In line with the brand ethos, they use small local businesses as much as possible, including the factory.

Based in North London, they hire and train people from disadvantaged backgrounds; giving them key skills in stitching and pattern cutting to help secure future employment: “using a factory in London allows us to be involved in the whole production process, form relationships with the individuals making our pieces and ensure the most ethical high quality items are produced.”

Credits: Stay Wild Swim

The beauty of the brand is that is goes way beyond Stay Wild itself, as Zanna and Natalie, alongside Econyl, we are working towards a circular production system with our brand – currently in development. The end goal is to be able to take back your used and loved Stay Wild swimwear and recycle it into beautiful new pieces.

“This isn’t just about us, it’s about a growing movement of businesses who use responsible practices. We want to celebrate other brands who are taking positive steps to support our planet. Which is exactly why we have created the Forces of Nature directory, a hub of recommendations for the best eco-friendly brands from hotels through to homewares, and everything in between.”

Credits: Stay Wild Swim

Zanna and Natalie have shared the development of Stay Wild Swim on their social media accounts (a combined total of ¼ million loyal followers on instagram) and have already accumulated 12,000 followers on the @staywildswim profile prior to the launch. From these followers over 700 girls replied to the social media casting call for models, and now 6 of these are the faces of their launch campaign: “We wanted to represent every woman and decided to do an open casting call on social. Allowing anyone to be part of our campaign. We had over 700 applications and 6 models from this process are now the faces of our campaign.”

Check out their campaign and find out more on Stay Wild Swim and via their social media.