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Empowering Women Through Their Plates with Sonal Ambasna

Empowering Women Through Their Plates with Sonal Ambasna

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The world of nutrition and wellness can be a tough space to navigate and one that Sonal Ambasna knows well. Sonal is a Nutrition & Wellness Coach and the Founder of Nourish Food for Life, where she educates, empowers and supports women to improve and change their relationship with food and wellbeing.

Sonal Ambasna also runs Culinary Nutrition for Kids’ Cooking Classes, which focus on inspiring the next generation of foodies to go beyond baking and embrace cooking from scratch by cultivating kitchen confidence and creativity.

Hi, I’m Sonal Ambasna and my mission is to help time-strapped women take charge of their plates and wellbeing.

Through personalised 1:1 food coaching, I educate, empower and support women to reframe their relationship with food so they (and their families) can live more healthfully.

As women, we’re uniquely placed to effect social change. By transforming the way we think about food (and cooking), we’re able to positively influence future generations to make better, more informed choices. My job is just to remind women just how indomitable we are!

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What inspired you to start your brand?

Nourish Food for Life was born out of a desire to do better for myself and my family.

A crazy busy life meant I didn’t prioritise what I put on my plate. I thought nothing of grabbing a large latte and croissant on the way to work. I’d convinced myself I “deserved” it because I was so busy. It didn’t occur to me that convenience foods might become pretty inconvenient for my health in the long run…

Falling out of love with my City job, led to me reassessing the main areas of my life including my diet and health. It was galling to admit that I didn’t really know what healthy eating looked like but I was determined to do better and persuaded by boss to let me have 10 consecutive Wednesdays off work to study Nutrition in Practice at Leiths. Those 10 weeks lit a fire in me that is still burning bright today. Now, I help time-strapped women, who like me a few years back, feel overwhelmed when it comes to taking charge of their plates and wellbeing.

What’s your competitive advantage? What makes you unique?

My bespoke food coaching services mean my clients receive personalised solutions. There are no cookie-cutter solutions here. Instead, each session is tailored to the individual needs of the women I work with so that, together, we can lay the foundations of a healthful lifestyle that works for them (and their families).

What skills did you come to the brand with already and how has this helped grow your business?

My legal training and corporate experience have translated into great communication and analytical skills.
Adapting these skills for my purpose-led business has helped me establish an easy rapport with my clients so that they’re open and coachable. They’ve also been key to getting underneath the skin of the challenges my client’s face and providing them creative solutions that work them.

What skills did you improve or add to your toolkit by starting your brand?

There was a sharp learning curve moving away from the corporate world and setting up my own business. There is so much to learn and do!
Social media and tech matters, for instance, took up a lot of time in the beginning. Over time, I’ve learnt so much and continue to invest time, money and energy into these areas so that I’m not overwhelmed and able to take control.

What is your favourite thing about being a member of Creative Impact?

I love being a CI member! Fab and Team are the best cheerleaders and always 1 step ahead when it comes to keeping on top of the latest changes to social media or the newest platform to try. They’ve contributed to my expansion in so many ways.

What’s the most rewarding part of running your own brand?

The most rewarding thing about running my own brand is being able to craft my day my way! It’s liberating after so many years in the corporate jungle to work in a way that has the needs of me and my family at its core.

If I only had 5 minutes for some self-care, I’d close my eyes, lay down and listen to some chill-out music. Micro-naps are the one!

What one failure or challenge are you glad you experienced, and what have you learned from it?

The pandemic meant my business didn’t follow the trajectory I’d planned. Like so many of us, a lot of what I wanted to do had to be put on hold.
In retrospect, the ability to stop, take stock and just hang has helped me to really hone in on the wider vision for my business and do things differently. I’ve learnt not to fear the unknown but embrace it and trust the process.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own brand? What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you started?

Be realistic about what it takes to start and build your brand, especially if its your first time. It’s a lot harder than we’re led to believe people!
Before I started, I wish I’d known just how many hats I’d have to wear in the beginning and how many things I’d have to learn. It’s been an education and I’ve grown more in the few years since I’ve left the City than the decade I spent in it.

If you are interested in learning more about Sonal Ambasna, take a look at her website, Nourish Food For Life, and her Instagram

Plus if you are keen to learn more about the Creative Impact Collective, check us out! See you inside.

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