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This method will help you shake off stress

This method will help you shake off stress

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Can we really shake off stress and tension? Your brain might think it sounds odd, but let your body have the last word. 

I believe stress really is the root of (almost) all evil. As a TRE Provider, I teach clients how to – literally – shake off tension related aches and pains.

It is 100% possible to feel better, become more resilient, empowered and even save money.

What? Are you already thinking that I totally lost it and should give myself a good shake? Bear with me, I’ll explain … oh, and yes, you are right about the excellent shake.

How our bodies react to stress

Let’s start at the beginning and explore what happens in our bodies when we are stressed. As nature is so unique, we produce stress hormones that give us the energy to protect and defend ourselves. 

Great if we need to fight or run away – when we do that, the body burns off these stress hormones, completes the circle and is in balance again.

Nowadays, though, we are not facing the lion or bear anymore, so we don’t run away. As a result, these stress hormones remain in the body, sometimes for years – and this can be exhausting. 

You might have been around people who are constantly on high alert, expecting danger, scanning the room for threats – they do so as their bodies are in constant fight or flight mode and on a high-stress level. Let’s discover how to combat that. 

Lessons from our pets

The cycle of producing stress hormones and burning them off is an evolutionary process that all mammals own, including us humans. However, we have been socialised out of it – unless it’s an extreme situation. 

Only then – think of shootings, robberies or accidents – are we allowing our bodies to shake, rather than suppressing the urge to do so – which is excellent as this reaction completes the cycle and eradicates the stress hormones. 

In this respect, dogs are much cleverer than we are. Have you ever watched a dog after encountering a scary scenario? Here you have it – they shake it off and then happily get on with life. And we can do the same. 

Obviously not during the argument with your boss or partner, but retrospectively or indeed preventatively … yeah, let’s bring it on. 

Shaking it off is good for us

Now you know how it works; it really is that simple. Shaking is an innate reaction to down-regulate the nervous system. But how do we do it effectively?

TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises) is a novel way of releasing stress and tension held in the body. It is a somatic stress management tool, and as stress is the root of so many health issues, it can nip many ailments in the bud. 

You can pro-actively heal yourself

Many of us, especially when working in high-powered jobs or juggling work and family commitments, struggle with tension-related ailments: headaches or migraines, neck, shoulder or back pain, teeth-grinding, gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, sleep difficulties, irritability, anxiety … 

If this sounds familiar and if you have tried so much already – are you ready to pro-actively help yourself – rather than relying on somebody else “to fix” you? If the answer is yes, I’ll let you into a secret.

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By learning TRE, you gain a self-care tool for life. TRE starts with six warm-up exercises similar to yoga stretches and fatigue the muscles to prepare for the tremoring process. 

The actual tremoring starts when lying on the back. I see again and again how surprised my clients are about their bodies’ reactions. They might think, “this is really odd”, – but their bodies feel “, wow, this is amazing and freeing”.

Many of my clients appreciate that TRE is somatic instead of cognitive modality, i.e. there is no need to discuss or analyse anything. This is liberating as we can give our constantly busy minds a break and simply trust our bodies’ wisdom.  

Mini spa treatment on the yoga mat   

What do clients report after a TRE session? As the nervous system gets a re-boot and a chance to come back to balance, they generally feel deeply relaxed, some feel energised, sometimes temporarily emotional.   

TRE isn’t necessarily the suitable modality for everybody, and TRE certainly isn’t a cure-all – but if you are holding too much tension in your body and want to help and empower yourself, it might just be the practice your body has been waiting for.  

So, if you want to feel better and, gain more resilience, are ready to pro-actively look after your health and well-being, give it a try.

Sylvia is a TRE Provider who empowers her clients to take their health and well-being into their own hands, well bodies. She runs regular online courses, so get in touch for a free fact-finding consultation.


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