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That’s all folks: lessons from 8 years of Creative Impact

That’s all folks: lessons from 8 years of Creative Impact

Alt Marketing Team
  • Lessons from running a business for 8 years
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Why you should wave your freaky flag

It’s the end of an era (and the last ever episode of the Make an Impact Show), and as such we asked Amy Leighton to come back once more to interview Fab about the lessons she learned from Creative Impact over the past 8 years. As we are transitioning Creative Impact by closing our doors and merging it with Alt Marketing School at the end April, we discuss the importance of evolution in business in a very candid and honest conversation.

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How you make people feel, that’s what really matters. That’s what people are gonna remember. – Fab Giovanetti”

About Amy Leighton

Amy Leighton is a Mindset & Confidence Coach, working with ambitious, creative female business owners to flip their script, upgrade their beliefs & build their self-confidence. She has worked with BBC, Netflix, Lululemon, Disney Theatrical Group & Amy Winehouse Foundation


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