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Community can shape your business with Lucy Mountain of Nobs app

Community can shape your business with Lucy Mountain of Nobs app

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  • The importance of branding
  • Lessons from focus groups
  • Why company culture is everything

Lucy Mountain, chief “nob” and online creator, spills the beans about the wild success of her Nobs app. We discuss why Nobs feels utterly different from any fitness apps out there and why branding and aesthetic influenced that.

We touch on the tone of voice and consistency in messaging. From social media to the app itself, the language of Nobs represents Lucy as a person and the audience she wants to attract. After all, the app was custom built for the group and her community.

We explore the process that brought her to create a “tribe” feeling in the Nobs community.

We also touch on the importance of company culture and struggles women face as entrepreneurs and why LMAO can still be considered professional in an email.

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“Community is where it started for nobs and I think people that join now don’t always see that but that is ultimately where it began.”

About the guest Lucy Mountain

Lucy Mountain is the CEO and founder of anti-diet fitness app Nobs App. Having built an audience of 400k+ on Instagram as an Influencer, Lucy worked with her community to build a product that was entirely bespoke-made for them. Although working within an already saturated industry, her sense of humour alongside a refreshing take on health and fitness has allowed her business to grow exponentially within the past 2 years.


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