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How to create a strong brand identity for your business

How to create a strong brand identity for your business

Alt Marketing Team
  • Pros and cons of DIY design
  • Finding your brand voice
  • Make your audience part of the process

What’s in a brand anyway? Fab introduces us to Steph, community manager at Creative Impact, in this solo episode. If you’re thinking about creating a strong brand identity, consider several factors. We start with how to navigate DIY branding and how to use tools like Canva to enhance your style.

Your brand’s identity is the foundation of your company. It’s who you are. Truthfully, you are in a unique position to create an authentic brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

In this episode, we look at how finding your brand voice helps you connect with potential clients to build trust, make your brand relatable, and so much more. Building a solid brand identity is more than just about branding. In fact, it is building a powerful mission and a connection with your audience and refining your tone of voice to represent who you are. As your business grows, you’ll learn to harness your brand evolving and changing and use that to make your audience part of the branding process.

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If you don’t have that core connection, story or appeal, no matter what your branding is people aren’t going to resonate with it.”

About our community manager Stephanie Dominguez

Stephanie Dominguez grew up in Switzerland but moved to the UK in 2006. After that, she transitioned from a career as an artist in the entertainment industry to focusing on her passion for health and wellbeing. Moreover, she became a nutrition coach and fitness instructor.

She created Nurtured Plate, an online plant-based nutrition coaching service. Her mission is to be able to be of service to others who need a helping hand. Gaining knowledge from her experiences and skills, she wants to create a platform and community to educate and help people thrive. She is here to help you become the heroes of your own transformations towards a healthier life.