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How to market with soul with Liz Spears marketing

How to market with soul with Liz Spears marketing

Alt Marketing Team
  • Why you should stop following trends
  • How to reconnect with fun in marketing
  • The intersection between strategy and intuition

How can you add soul to your marketing? Talking about the way the role of entrepreneurs has changed online, Fab and Liz explore how we are now rooting for the underdogs and embracing a new way to communicate to our audiences. We discuss how your marketing can reflect your needs in your business and why marketing should be more about connection and showcasing yourself in a more effective way.

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Soulful marketing is about connection… Soulful is the human element, it’s injecting your soul to the soul of your brand. The two should mirror each other”

About the guest

Liz is a Marketing coach and consultant for entrepreneurs who are here to create transformation and wild success. She supports purpose-fuelled women to ‘shine online’ and share their magic out into the world through soulful marketing strategies, combining masculine strategy, structure with feminine intuition and creative flow.

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