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How find your tribe and foster community with Rachel Evans Phd

How find your tribe and foster community with Rachel Evans Phd

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  • Deal with triggers and sharing information online
  • Create relatable message whilst setting boundaries
  • How to better consume content

Today you meet one of the Creative Impact Co members, Dr Rachel Evans. Having suffered from orthorexia and bulimia herself, Rachel understands the sensitive nature of the conditions first hand and draws on her personal experience, therapeutic skills and academic knowledge to help clients. How to deal with triggers and sharing information online, creating a relatable message whilst setting boundaries, putting your community first.

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You can make an impact on a smaller level just by having a conversation with someone.”

About the guest

Dr Rachel Evans is a chartered psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist who specialises in eating disorder recovery. She recognises that there is not a one-size-fits all approach to recovery and supports clients to rebalance their physiology, re-wire their brain, process trauma and shift their identity to live a life free from fear around food. Rachel is also the host of Just Eat Normally Podcast has been featured in VOGUE, Psychologies, ELLE, Marie Claire and many more.

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