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Harnessing your voice online with Tova Leigh

Harnessing your voice online with Tova Leigh

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  • How to embrace vulnerability
  • Why you don't have to niche down to create a community
  • The power of sharing our struggles

How do you protect yourself and your energy when the online world can be challenging? In this first interview of season 6, we answer this question and many more with Tova Leigh. Together we discuss how to use your voice online, the power of vulnerability and why sometimes we should just take ourselves a little less seriously.

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“If you have something nice or something important to say then say it because you never know who is listening.”

About Tova Leigh

Tova Leigh was born in Israel. She practised law and worked as an Employment Attorney for two years before moving to the UK in 2006 to pursue a career in performing arts. Here she started her successful blog – My Thoughts About Stuff – in 2015 where she shared the struggles she faced as a mother.

In March 2019 Tova released her first book ‘F*cked at 40: Life Beyond Suburbia, Monogamy and Stretch Marks’. Tova takes the reader on her journey of rediscovering who she is after motherhood and beyond the norms society forces upon women, whilst encouraging them to break free and just be themselves.

Tova’s second book ‘You Did What?’, a collection of funny and outrageous confessions from everyday people from around the world, was released in September 2021.


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