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Practices to establish a predictable income self-employed

Practices to establish a predictable income self-employed

Alt Marketing Team
  • Practical tips to nurture leads
  • Mindset tips to keep yourself motivated
  • How to build sustainable income as a business owner

Amy Leighton is back to answer some question coming from loyal listeners and our Instagram audience. Do you have a question for us? Drop us a DM on Instagram and we’ll cover them in later episodes. This month we cover reliable strategies. We look at things you can do every day, week and month to bring in new leads, nurture them and ultimately get sales. We (try to) answer the million dollar question: how do you establish a predictable income self-employed?

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“If you don’t enjoy the kind of marketing that you’re doing, you’re less likely to stay consistent with it.”

About the guest

Amy Leighton is a Mindset & Confidence Coach, working with ambitious, creative female business owners to flip their script, upgrade their beliefs & build their self-confidence. She has worked with BBC, Netflix, Lululemon, Disney Theatrical Group & Amy Winehouse Foundation


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