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Get your business seen and heard through the power of PR with Naomi White

Get your business seen and heard through the power of PR with Naomi White

Alt Marketing Team
  • The secrets to a good follow up
  • Why relationships come first in PR
  • How to get started with DIY PR

PR and media are two topics that truly fascinate entrepreneurs, yet they are often approached with cautious. The truth is, PR can feel daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. Naomi White is here to share with us her secrets to mastering PR with ease.

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“Once you’ve done something once, it’s like it’s second knowledge. The hurdle is getting over the fear of not knowing how to do something.”

About the guest

Naomi is a PR coach and consultant, with over a decade of experience working in fashion, health and wellness communications.

November 2014 saw a pinnacle point in Naomi’s career as she embarked on setting up her own communications agency, Naomi White Communications, specialising in health and wellness. Organically growing the business over the past seven years Naomi has built an impressive portfolio of clients including; Boom Cycle, Barrecore, Sleep School, MoveGB, Shaman Durek and many more. January 2020 saw Naomi expand the business to offer PR coaching to her repertoire of services including a group coaching programme and developed an online PR school for product and service-based businesses.

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