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Tap into your confidence with Nicky Bamgbade

Tap into your confidence with Nicky Bamgbade

Alt Marketing Team
  • Powerful ways to find confidence
  • How to navigate the full-house mum life
  • Setting boundaries as mums

A long-time fan of Creative Impact, the amazing Nicky is truly a force to be reckoned with. Through her platform, she has worked with women from various backgrounds with the sole aim of equipping mums with the tools, tips and tricks to live a fulfilled life they love. Today she is here to bring that energy and confidence to you as well with an all-inspiring episode.

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You have a gift that you are supposed to share, when you do not share that gift, it’s almost a disservice to the people waiting on you to share what you have in your hand.”

About the guest

Nicky is a confidence coach who specialises in helping mums to develop healthy habits & routines. . Nicky is a qualified PT and often uses her background in health to speak on topics relating to wellness. Nicky has worked with the likes of Channel 4, FIIT, Women’s Health, Elemis and more. She is currently a digital ambassador for All Bright.