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The magic of surrender with Nicky Clinch

The magic of surrender with Nicky Clinch

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  • - The power of relinquishing control
  • - Get familiar with your story
  • - How to reconnect with your intuition

In this special live podcast episode, we explore the magic of surrender with Nicky Clinch. We will dive deeper into the roots of your consciousness to uncover what is causing the repeated patterns and disempowering cycles in your life.

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“When you start to let go of so much of what you think you know about who you are, you are left in a space of unknowing, and that is the place where it’s time to rebuild a new foundation. A new foundation based on love.”

About the guest

Nicky Clinch is a Master Maturation Coach & Facilitator, Integrate Holistic Counsellor and Breathwork facilitator. Her mission in life is to help you to break free of the confines of your story led by unhealed traumas and leading to self-defeating patterns and unnecessary emotional suffering. Her work consists of an exceptionally powerful transformational process of integrating the body, mind and heart.

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