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On wearing multiple hats with Carly Rowena

On wearing multiple hats with Carly Rowena

Alt Marketing Team
  • Changing through lockdown
  • Ways to pivot as you grow in age
  • How to know when to draw a personal boundary

In our 100th episode (can you believe it?) we catch up with our first ever cover star of our FIRST ever magazine (and once again cover start for this last issue of 2021) Carly Rowena. We talk about constantly reinventing yourself, showcasing our whole as personal brands, the loneliness of working online, motherhood (and a healthy dose of music).

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“One of my biggest downfalls was shaping myself by what everybody else wanted. It’s very important to know what the audience wants from you but that doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

About the guest

Carly Rowena is the founder of LetsSweat workouts, an online community of incredible people from all over the world, she also hosts retreats to conquer Kilimanjaro, Inca trail and more and encourages her online following to find the movement that they enjoy not what they think they ‘should’ be doing. Carly has worked with incredible brands from nike & sweaty Betty to lonely planet and virgin holidays, she also recently launched her own activewear line, is on the front cover of Womens Fitness and is about to release her first ever children’s book ‘my beautiful body’.

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