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What being ahead of your time can teach you about business

What being ahead of your time can teach you about business

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  • Being a pioneer in business
  • How to listen to your gut
  • The lessons from being ahead of your time

Entrepreneur Judy Piatkus founded independent publishing company Piatkus Books from her bedroom and grew it into a global publishing brand. In this chat, Judy and Fab discuss about lesson from running a company known for popular fiction and for being a pioneer in the area of personal growth and self-help publishing before such ideas were fashionable. As well as that, we explore the importance of embracing change when running a business.

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“The people you work with are key to everybody’s success.”

Founder, author and entrepreneur Judy Piatkus published business memoir: Ahead of Her Time. In her book, she tells the story of how she built her entrepreneurial enterprise without outside finance. Along the way she experienced great highs and lows including bringing up her family and especially her daughter who has disabilitiues. Judy’s positive attitude helped her to overcome all her challenges and her very readable book tells you how she did it. Judy now runs ConsciousCafe, a network which bring people together for thoughtful conversations.

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