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Pivoting career during a pandemic with Ceri Jones

Pivoting career during a pandemic with Ceri Jones

Alt Marketing Team
  • What pivot really means
  • How to find focus during hard times
  • The importance of building community

Let’s talk about lessons from the pandemic – in this live episode with members of the Creative Impact collective we talk exactly about that . We all have some that really impacted us. Creative Impact veteran Ceri Jones opens up about having to pivot to host online classes, the process behind that and how asking her audience what they wanted was the best way to find direction.

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“If I was gonna go online with some of my offering, I couldn’t just do what I was doing and take it online, I have to create something new.”

About the guest

Ceri Jones is a Food Educator and Chef with an innovative approach & a passion for celebrating seasonal food. She coaches people to become confident cooks through her online cooking classes, foolproof recipes, and tip videos. In a pre-pandemic life Ceri’s professional chef work included heading up the kitchen on a dozen wellbeing retreats a year as well as leading her own series of in person events from supper clubs to cooking classes, and she hopes to return all of that and more soon. Ceri completed her chef training in 2014, and this was preceded by a seemingly unrelated ten years as a Projects Director managing concerts and tours for an orchestra. Her whole career has been a wild ride.