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Practicing sex positivity and reclaiming pleasure with Ruby Rare

Practicing sex positivity and reclaiming pleasure with Ruby Rare

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  • How to inspire better sex education
  • Understanding solo sex
  • Going beyond trends

In this episode, we had the pleasure to talk about, well, pleasure, with the amazing Sex Educator and author of Sex Ed: A Guide for Adults, Ruby Rare. Ruby Rare is a sex educator, artist, and body-positive champion. Her work is influenced by her experiences as a queer, non-monogamous, dual-heritage woman.

Among some of Ruby’s passions and interests, a few highlights include powerpuff girls (you can test her on that) and all types of history: “I’m a history nerd, especially if it comes to things in my field, like the history of sex and relationships”. She means business, and she’s on a mission to engage people of all ages in positive conversations about their pleasure.

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“There are no cheats here, there are no quick ways to feel comfortable with yourself and comfortable with pleasure. It’s about like making a commitment to really look at yourself as you would a friend who you care about, and not someone who you are inclined to criticize or judge or put a large amount of pressure on.”

About the guest

Ruby Rare is a pink-haired sex educator on a mission to get people talking more confidently and inclusively about sex. She’s curious to have the conversations many shy away from, with a nuanced perspective that holds inclusion and sex positivity at the very core.

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