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How to define success on your own terms with Rebecca Kimberley

How to define success on your own terms with Rebecca Kimberley

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  • How to define success
  • The importance of managing our time
  • Changing our perception of rest

In this episode, Fab talks to Creative Impact resident expert Rebecca Kimberley about mindset and mental wellbeing for busy creatives and entrepreneurs working from home. From simple hacks to all-time favourite tools, we give you what you need to empower you through the first half of 2021. Rebecca provides Psychology informed coaching to support her clients to let go of the emotional baggage they’ve been holding onto from their past so they can rediscover who they really are, reclaim their lives and start their journeys back to themselves.

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“Work-life balance is a very unique thing to each individual… It’s important to know what balance means to you because that’s what makes you feel better”

About the guest

Rebecca Kimberley is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & Award-Winning Psychological Life Coach with a passion for taking Clinical Psychology beyond the therapy room and making mental health part of everyday conversation. She uses a unique blend of Coaching, Therapy, Psychological Theories and her lived experience of suicidal depression, social anxiety and trauma to provide 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Mental Wellbeing MOT’s and Online Workshops. She is dedicated to supporting you to let go of the emotional baggage you’ve been holding onto from your past, so you can rediscover who you really are, reclaim your life and start your Journey Back to You.

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