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3 ways to build resilience during uncertain times with Fiona Moss

3 ways to build resilience during uncertain times with Fiona Moss

Alt Marketing Team
  • Why reframing can support during hard times
  • What resilience can really teach us
  • How to tune into our core desires to be more motivated in business

In this chat with expert Fiona Moss we discuss how to develop resilience, optimism, and a growth mindset when facing adversity. 2020 proved to us that working on our mindset is key in order to be able to make consistent changes in our mindset. Building a brand requires resilience, self-awareness, purpose-led action, and courage to take that leap. These skills are equally as important at any stage of an entrepreneur’s journey, as they support in navigating challenges and creating success through adapting and pivoting according to the challenge in front of them.

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“We will always take different directions through life and there will be plenty of ups and downs. It’s about embracing those situations.”

About the guest

Fiona Moss supports millennial women, who find themselves stuck in an unfulfilling job, to transition to a career which provides them with more purpose, more fulfillment and in which they can truly achieve their potential. Additionally to supporting her clients 1:2:1, Fiona also founded the platform ‘You First’, off which she runs events and group coaching courses, all with the mission to inspire women to start to put themselves first more in order to become the very best version of themselves