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Educating through the camera lenses with Anna Rachel

Educating through the camera lenses with Anna Rachel

Fab Giovanetti
  • How to take photography to the next level
  • Championing Environmental Change
  • From humble beginnings to successful sports photographer

In this amazing episode, Fab virtually travelled to a farm in Lincolnshire to have a chat with an old friend of Creative Impact, photographer Anna Rachel. From her humble beginnings to her success niching down in the field of women in sports, Anna is proof that talent speaks louder than words. As she adjusted to farm life, Anna speaks about how she’s going to take her photography to a whole new level to champion environmental changes.

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About the guest

Sports photographer, Anna is a London based commercial photographer and director, specialising in shooting athletes, influencers, lifestyle and landscapes.

Resources Mentioned

  • Fab’s book Make an Impact