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Tap into your power for 2021 with Adrienne Herbert

Tap into your power for 2021 with Adrienne Herbert

Fab Giovanetti
  • Creating detailed goals
  • Making time for you
  • Becoming more resilient

This is a New Year special, everyone! So chuffed to bring you a very special talk with the lovely Adrienne Herbert, whose book The Power Hour is currently out. In this episode we discuss the power of setting detailed goals, how to build resilience, the importance of creating space for yourself each and every morning and so much more.

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About the guest

Adrienne Herbert is a leading wellness professional, international TEDx speaker, Podcast Host, Author and mother Adrienne is the epitome of the modern digital entrepreneur, she is also Director of Innovation and Performance at the UK’s leading fitness app Fiit. Adrienne is regularly invited to deliver talks and workshops for brands such as Apple, Barclays, WeWork & L’Oreal, to motivate and empower their employees.

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